Situated on the way out from Medias to Sighisoara, L&G Motel invites you to settle here your „holiday headquartes“, so that you cover an area as large as possible to explore, in excellent comfort conditions.

L&G Motel exceeds the usual motel pattern in Romania. It is buit and designed for strong, active people, with lust for life, who love walking in the nature. Children and teenagers feel great in such surroundings, because we care about their lifestyle.

Besides accommodation, restaurant, terrace, summer house and the playing ground, especially fit out for children at the outskirts of the forest, one can find here a sports club with all the modern equipment: tennis court yards where you can play tennis both during summer and winter, l mini footbal field, fitness, aerobics, massage and tanning salon.

The exterior design is planned in such a way, so that L&G Motel and the surrounding areas fit perfectly in the landscape, completing it in a discrete manner. The concern in terms of fit-out can be noticed both in the inner and outer rooms: starting from how garden plants are chosen and the way these are arranged and combined, up to the specific wooden furniture.

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