Sports Club

The sports club is made up of 6 tennis clay courtyards, 2 of them being baloon covered during the winter period, so that you can benefit from all the thermic comfort needed in order to practice this sport, even when the snow entices others to go skiing, 1 mini football field, fitness  gym, aerobics gym, sauna and massage salon.

Because we are sport passionates, we thought you would find this place proper for a vacation  tailored to your style.

Mini football field

No matter whose football team fan you are, your holiday friends or work colleagues will thanks you for the choice you have made. The mini football field is exactly what you are looking for in order to mix sport and fun, whilst practicing your favorite sport.

Fitness and aerobics gyms

Gyms have ultramodern endowments and excellent coaches, so that you are and feel in shape at the end of the holiday.

Tennis courtyards

Are equipped in such a way, so that this sport could be practiced not only in the summer, out in the fresh air, but also in winter, safe from coldness. If you enjoy playing tennis and you have just watched it on TV, here you can start learning how to play. Our coaches are at your disposal for you to be initiated. This can be the first step towards your or your children´s performance.

And since  we have mentioned performance, you should know that national and international competitions take place at our sports club, which we are proud to host and happy to offer to you.

You can plan your vacation schedule taking into accout the events you want to participate to, either as a player or as spectator. We strive towards hosting high-class sports events, so that you enjoy visiting us every time.

And because birds of a feather flock together, we are convinced that your business partners are as active as you are. How about surprising them with a week-end at Motel L&G exactly when the big sport competitions take place? We believe that they will be very delighted!

Our motto is exercise. This is why we suggest that you visit Binder Bubi Hotel Medias, the only 4 star hotel in town, where the swimming pool with glass roof and wellness centre will enchant you. Your next destination may be Trei Stejari Farm, Traube Hotel or you could go on a trip in town or visit the surroundings.

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