Vacation in the middle of nature. Recharging

Accommodation: if you fancy the idea of spending your vacation in the middle of nature and at the same time be close to a town with a large historical load, then we have already prepared your rooms. Take your family, friends or colleagues and organize an dynamic vacation, suited for modern people.

Nature. If being active does not necessarily mean practicing a sport, you may endulge yourself in walks in the forest or the sorroundings loaded with history from most ancient centuries. You must have heard more and more often about „recharging your batteries“. Urban life makes you distance yourself from many essential things: nature, the time you spend for yourself in order to reflect or meditate. You feel that you become more and more a robot of the modern society. This is why, staying at us, even if you benefit from all the comfort you are accustomed to and you have all the endowments necessary to the modern life, we invite you to press the „stop“ button at least for a short while and recharge your batteries. There is no other efficient treatment as nature!

You can entirely book L&G Motel for business events: teambuildings, trainings, workshops and any other event you may want.


We know what organising an event means, so you can leave it all to us. You just need to tell us:

1. What kind of reunion you want to organise: business or personal

2. How many people you want to invite?

3. What dishes you would like to serve?

4. What kind of music you would like?

5. When you would like the event to take place?

6. Which is the budget allocated? If you haven´t planned a budget yet, we can help you with several suggestions.

You can answer these questions here, and we shall send you all the information and suggestions that you need.

Should you be in the hurry, you can call us directly at the following number: 0269.832.291

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